Central Midwest Disc Golf Conference

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Hey Disc Golf Community!

We are the Central Midwest Disc Golf Conference, located in Champaign, Illinois.

Our conference contains two divisions consisting of: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Illinois State University, Bradley University and Purdue University within the South-East division and University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Iowa, Iowa State University, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, University of Wisconsin-Platteville within the North-West division.

As a conference we strive to be the number one disc golf conference in the United States and desire to lead the way for conferences of the future.

This year our teams will be traveling within their division to scheduled match play matches against opposing division mates. Schools must play a minimum of 4 conference matches within the regular season culminating in a conference playoffs to end the year. Our schedule for the upcoming season will be released within the upcoming months. The goal of our conference is to allow all players within clubs to have competitive matches against other dedicated clubs. We want to give players an opportunity to compete while not have to travel immense distances in order to keep financial responsibility at a minimum. These matches will count as competing within a conference event to be able to play at the College Disc Golf National Championships.

The format of our conference is as follows:

  • Schools will travel to a designated location to play a team doubles match play format.
    • Multiple schools may compete at an agreed upon location to satisfy more than one match during the day.
    • Schools may play at their respective “home” courses or another agreed upon course to make traveling more manageable.
  • A school may bring as many teams to a match play event as they like and will not be penalized for not having at least 3 teams as well.
  • Each A team hole won will count as two holes, B Team holes won will count as 1, and C Team holes won will count as half a hole. After the rounds have finished the total amount of holes won will determine the winner of the match play event.
    • Fourth, fifth, or more teams will not contribute towards the total hole count but may still participate at match play event.
    • Holes tied will result in half the holes value (A,B, or C) awarded to both teams.


  • The top two teams in each division will make the conference playoffs.
    • The seeding will be determined by the win percentage of teams.
    • The conference playoffs will take place at the number 1 seeds desired location or may be agreed upon by the conference or playoff teams.
    • The number 1 seed will play the number 4 seed and seed 2 and 3 will play in the first round of conference playoffs. These will also be match play team doubles format. The winners of these two matches will play in the conference championship, leading to our conference champion.

Central Midwest Disc Golf Conference

An inclusive environment to enhance the competition of College Disc Golf and take College Disc Golf to the next level.

Please direct any questions or inquiries to: CentralMW.dgc@gmail.com

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You need 2 players for a Women’s team and 4 for all other divisions. The women’s division is the only field at the National Championship offered for individuals to compete.

Find your team page here. If you see your school listed there, reach out to us or fill out the form on the team’s page for your captain or leader’s information. If you do not see your school listed there, reach out to us and we’ll create your team page and help get you started!

Conference events are open for anyone to participate! Find an event you’re interested in and register your team to compete!

Regionals require current College Disc Golf membership. Have you reached out to us? You need a team page and login before you can join and renew your CDG membership. After your join, your team can compete in any Regional event.

College Disc Golf events are organized and ran by volunteers that range from Tournament Directors with PDGA Major experience to students running their first events. There are two main types of events – conference play (league like play, more casual events) and Regionals (more competition focused events that require CDG membership and where you earn your invite to the CDGNC). All CDG Regionals are PDGA sanctioned and consist of at least round of team alternating shot doubles and singles play. More scoring and format information. Event format and layouts are determined by the TD for that event. Events can be one or two days. Find a qualifier near you – event map and schedule.

No, you do not need to qualify to compete. If you are interested in competing in Division 3 (DIII) or the Women’s Division, you do not need to qualify. Only teams interested in competing in Division 1 (DI) or Division 2 (DII) need to qualify.

To qualify, earn your invite by being one of the highest placing teams without a bid at any Regional on the schedule!

Only teams interested in competing in Division 1 (DI) or Division 2 (DII) need to qualify. To qualify, earn your invite by being one of the highest placing teams without a bid at any Regional on the schedule!

  • Example: results and bids for an event with 3 bids to DI and 3 bids to DII.





School 1 – A



School 2 – A



School 1 – B



School 3 – A



School 2 – B



School  4 – A



School 5 – A


Bids are are awarded to the school and can only field one team in DI. If registration does not fill, schools will be able to register more than one team in DII.

Yes, professionals players can participate. Only PDGA Premier Pros are ineligible.

PDGA Memberships are included with your College Disc Golf Season Membership!

If you join CDG on or after October 1st, your PDGA membership will renew for the rest of the calendar year and all of next. If you join CDG prior to October 1st, your PDGA membership will not be renewed until October 1st but will still be renewed for the rest of the calendar year and all of next.


Do you already have a team page on the site? If so, follow the steps below!

Step 1 - Player Page & Account

Every player needs a player page and an account.

Players, are you listed on the team’s page? If not, reach out to your team’s leader to create a page and an account.

Team leaders, login and navigate to your team’s page to create new players.

Step 2 - Membership

Regionals require a CDG membership to participate.

Players, do you see the current season’s membership on your account page? If not, there is not a membership assigned to your account. Reach out to your team leader to assign a membership or purchase one yourself.

Team leaders, players can purchase memberships individually or you can purchase them and assign them. To assign them, navigate to your account page and click the team name you’d like to manage. Using the same email that was used during the player creation process, you can assign players to the team. You can also share a link with them to access the team.

*Team designation/assignment does not matter for memberships. The teams on your “My Account” page are for membership purposes only. A “Team” will be created each time you make a purchase. Players do not need to all be on the same team, everyone just needs a membership assigned to their account.

Step 3 - Roster

Teams must submit a roster before competing in a Regional.

Team leaders, download and complete the roster form. You will have to submit the roster to your registrar for verification. Please plan accordingly.

Step 4 - Play!

Now’s the time to earn your bid to Nationals.

Enjoy the journey from Conferences to Regionals to Nationals.

Find events here.