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Why College Disc Golf?

College Disc Golf’s mission is to encourage the growth of disc golf through competition and programs that support and engage our student organizations. These programs and competitions are crucial for the growth of disc golf on the collegiate level. All of our efforts focus on developing College Disc Golf and our student athletes.


"This was one of my best experiences playing disc golf. I wish that I had more opportunity to have played unfortunately the timing was off and I couldn’t play more years. I met a lot of great people. People who are still playing And competing on the national level. I believe they’re competing in the national championship creates opportunities for people to progress in their future endeavors and becoming a touring professional disc golf player. I encourage anybody who is looking to play a Professional style tournament and is in college to create a team and join the national collegiate this golf championship."
Philip Tait
South Alabama Alum
"Getting involved in college disc golf united our club and gave it direction. Players at all levels now have a desire to have their teammates and themselves be their best in order to compete together in collegiate events. Those that have competed this year are already talking about how they look to get after it again with their teammates by their sides for next season."
Ethan Huddleston
Missouri S$T
"Going in I had no idea how much fun college disc golf would be! It’s some of the best memories I have in disc golf or college in general."
Caleb Wilkins
Texas A&M Alum
"The most important group of people who I have had the pleasure of playing with is my teammates. I can't imagine what my 4 years at NC State would have been like without the Disc Golf Club and all of the members, no matter the skill level. So I would like to thank each and every one of you for making my college experience great! I honestly don't think I could have become an All-American and finished in the top 20 of the Amateur World Championships without all of your support!"
Andrew Horne
NC State