Grand Canyon University is now a part of College Disc Golf! The 2021-2022 season will be the first season that the university will compete in. GCU is known for their D1 athletics and even more so their energetic and world famous student section and we hope to bring that energy to the disc golf course.
2021-2022 GCU Roster
Men’s Roster
  • Dawson Beck   #157703
  • Alex Vercellino
  • Branden Myers
  • Christian Deardorff
  • Connor Natiuk
  • Derek James
  • Grant Ostermeyer
  • Harley Kendall
  • Jon Spaulding
  • Joseph Moussakhani
  • Luke Coco
  • Eli Vincent
  • Strider Jacobson
  • Tom Plocher
  • Tristan Carlson
Women’s Roster
  • Brennah Molsberry
  • Emily Gilbert
  • Avery Johns