Playing Formats

Team Competition

Teams are generally comprised of four players. Teams may compete with fewer players but will be at a disadvantage.

Team doubles is played with two sets of teammates, one ODD pair, one EVEN pair. The ODD set will tee off on every odd-numbered hole, while the EVEN set tees off on every even-numbered holes. After the tee shots, the team chooses which of the two lies to play. From there, the set that did not tee throws their two shots. Again, the whole team decides which lie to play from and the set that teed off would throw. That alternating process continues until the hole is complete. On the next hole, the corresponding set of teammates according to the hole number, ODD or EVEN, would tee off no matter which set putted out on the previous hole. This format allows for each player to tee off the same amount of times and for teams to play as whole. Each hole has two teams playing together as an eight-some.

Singles Play

All singles rounds will count toward the team score in First Flight and the National Championship Flight. The team’s singles round scores from each player will be averaged and will count toward the team score.

For the Women’s Championship, the lowest 2  singles scores per round, per school, count toward the cumulative team score. Each hole should have no more than two teammates competing to prevent conflicts when making rules calls.

Substitution Rules

  1. At the National Championships, we allow teams to substitute players between rounds if they wish.
  2. Teams are limited to using a maximum of 6 players.
  3. Those 6 players may be substituted as many times as the team desires.
  4. Any player who participates in the National Championship Flight will no longer be eligible to play in the First or Second Flight.
  5. There shall be no substitutions during any round of play except for in the case of injury during team play. An injured player cannot reenter the tournament.
  6. Once a player is substituted out of individual play, by default, that player will not be eligible for any individual awards.

Player Eligibility

All players participating on a team for the Regional Qualifiers and the National Championship must be listed on the team roster.

All players competing in the National Championship must be current PDGA members in good standing. Players who are not current members must login to their accounts and purchase a membership prior to being rostered. Non-members who do not register by the post-season competition dates will be ineligible to play until they have the appropriate membership.

All players are limited to competing in the College Disc Golf National Championship six times. Players that have competed in their sixth National Championship are no longer eligible to compete in Regional Qualifiers or conference championships.

All players must be certified as amateurs or professionals per the PDGA. Those who meet the standards and qualify as a Premier Professional (formerly Touring Professional) or were designated as a Premier Professional within the past five years are not eligible to participate.

All players on the team must meet the player requirements and the team must meet the team requirements of the College Disc Golf Eligibility Rules throughout the entire post-season competition.

Eligibility status will be checked by College Disc Golf through the rostering process, in conjunction with information from school registrar offices, as well as using information from the PDGA and team records.
College Disc Golf reserves the right to use additional relevant information, should it become available, in a fair and consistent manner to ensure player and team eligibility standards are met throughout post-season competition.

Player eligibility status may be re-checked at any point prior to, during, or following the post-season. Rosters will be randomly re-verified with school registrar offices following each post-season competition (i.e. conference championships, Regional Qualifiers, and the National Championship).

Failure to abide by any of the above rules may result in ramifications outlined in the guideline sections, Violations and Sanctions.

2021 Senior Eligibility for 2022*

Graduating Seniors who were eligible for the 2021 College Disc Golf National Championship are eligible to compete in the 2022 CDGNC. Players who were eligible in 2021, but did not graduate, are not eligible for the 2022 CDGNC. 

*Only applies to players who did not compete in the 2021 CDGNC.

Team Eligibility

A valid roster will consist of at least the following number of players and (for the National Championship) their combined PDGA ratings must average to the following caps:

D1 – 3 (max 4 players); any rating
D2 – 3 (max 4 players); max 935 rating team average
D3 – 2 (max 4 players); max 900 rating team average
Women – 2 (max 2 per team; no max teams); any rating

Players that do not have a rating will count as the maximum cap for the flight they will be playing.

Teams registered with fewer than this amount of players at the roster deadline must contact College Disc Golf at in order to play in the Regional Qualifiers or the National Championship if additional players are found.

Team play – In the event that there are less than 4 players on a flight, in team doubles the individual without a partner will only have one throw per turn.

Women’s Division – Female players will engage in regular doubles play with a partner.