2021 Season – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

November 1, 2020

There is no requirement for conference participation and College Disc Golf membership fees have been waived for this season. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Championship and delay the start of the 2020-2021 Season. 

We held out hope for opening back up competition in the Spring semester but we have to face the reality of our current situation. Not all of our student athletes are on campus and travel is being severely hindered for this season. With team members potentially spread out all across the US, and a lack of funding, we have determined the best way to host a fairly represented field is to reduce as many barriers to entry as possible. We have decided not to require qualification for the 2021 CDGNC. 

Any school interested in competing at the 2021 CDGNC may sign up February 1st when registration opens.

Regional Qualifiers

These events make College Disc Golf happen on the ground level.  Supported by our Tournament Directors, these qualifiers are your path to the National Championships. Find out more here.


These organizations of geographically centered teams and their leadership are responsible for growing collegiate disc golf on a grassroots level.  In an effort to launch the new qualifying format focused around the creation of conferences we are asking your team to either form a conference or join one near you. You can find more information on the conferences page.

2021-2022 Season

For the future of the College Disc Golf Regular Season  we are using the new qualifying format below.