2021-2022 College Disc Golf Season

College Disc Golf will return in the Fall of 2021 with a complete regular season consisting of one level of qualification for teams interested in earning their bids to the National Championship. Collegiate events will consist of singles play and the 4 person alternating team doubles format.

College Disc Golf membership is required to compete this season. There is no requirement for conference participation. Any team of active College Disc Golf members can compete and earn their invite to the 2022 CDGNC at any qualifier event.

Regional Qualifiers

These events make College Disc Golf happen on the ground level.  Supported by our Tournament Directors, these qualifiers are your path to the National Championships. Find out more here.


These organizations of geographically centered teams and their leadership are responsible for growing collegiate disc golf on a grassroots level.  In an effort to launch the new qualifying format focused around the creation of conferences we are asking your team to either form a conference or join one near you. You can find more information on the conferences page.

How to Qualify for the 2022 National Championships

We will host a field of 36 teams in the DI division, 36 teams in DII, 18 teams in DIII, and 18 teams in the Women’s division for the 2022 tournament. Only teams participating in DI are required to qualify. All other divisions will fill on a first come first serve basis with priority in DII given to schools without a team in DI. There is a limit of one team per school in DII and DI. That means there are 36 spots to award through our rankings, invitations, and qualifying events throughout the year.

To qualify, teams must participate in our qualifier events. Any team may play in qualifier tournaments in any region. Teams can earn a spot by performing well at an event and winning one of the spots awarded there or via our rankings qualifications. There will be one spot awarded through our rankings system at the end of the season. The highest ranked team that has not already qualified and the team with the most rankings points will earn their way in.