Rankings are created from data collected from collegiate disc golf team events within the current season and the last National Championships. All teams that have competed in a NCDGC tournament are included.

Results from events with three or less teams are not included in the rankings. The last National Championship berth at the end of the regular season will be awarded to the highest ranked team that is not already qualified.

Tournament Results

Tournaments are given a base placing value of 1,000 points plus 5 times the number of teams participating in the event. Teams receive points according to the percentage of teams that they finished ahead of multiplied by the total placing points. For example, if a tournament has 13 teams attending there will be 1,065 placing points (13*5=65).

Compilation of Results

The average of points earned from each qualifier tournament is used to calculate each team’s qualifier season average. That total counts towards 60% of a team’s adjusted total. Each team’s point total from the last National Championships counts as the other 40% of the adjusted total. Teams also receive 25 points added to their adjusted total for each event they play in.

In the 2019-2020 season:

  1. All teams will receive 150 points for participating in any College Disc Golf event.
  2. Teams that finish their qualifier event will receive 100 points.
  3. All teams will receive 300 points for participating in the National Championships.