The backbone of College Disc Golf growth.

Collegiate disc golf is organized into geographic conferences, each of which organizes local collegiate disc golf events, manages results and rankings, and makes College Disc Golf happen on the ground. Conferences are your access to College Disc Golf.

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What is a College Disc Golf Conference?

A conference is a regionally active group of College Disc Golf teams that compete in consistent and competitive play during the collegiate season and host a Conference Championship. These conferences should consist of 3-10 teams and will be formed by the teams themselves or interested individuals who are active in their disc golf scene.

Conferences are governed by the leadership that forms the conference. Conference event formats and the decisions regarding funding, sponsorship, and the future direction will be decided by the Conference Leaders. These leaders will be provided with support, resources, and an open line of communication to College Disc Golf for assistance.

How do you form a conference?

Yes, you can run a College Disc Golf Conference! Our inclusive and encouraging atmosphere is what makes our sport special. By hosting regular, competitive, and accessible events we can provide this experience to the collegiate disc golf scene near you. By forming a College Disc Golf Conference, we can create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages new players and fosters competition at the highest levels of our sport.

Using our contact lists, active team map, and other resources we can find and form teams near you for your conference! Fill out an application below.