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Individual Players Rankings 2024

February 20, 2024 | By Riley Duvall

Hi everyone, and welcome back to College Disc Golf. Today we are diving into the first set of individual Player Rankings for 2024.

In the men’s division, Ilkin Groh remains the top-ranked player. The composition of the top ten has largely stayed the same, with the notable exception of Ethan Darby from Taylor University, who has ascended an impressive 30 places. Further down the rankings, significant shifts have occurred!. Owen Rice has surged 59 places, while Jeff Leach has made a remarkable ascent of 171 spots, positioning them in the 14th and 15th places, respectively. The most extraordinary rise, however, comes from Jason Teffeteller, who has skyrocketed an astonishing 422 spots!

For a more in depth look are the current rankings check out the graphic below!

In the Women’s division, there has been a significant shake-up at the top of the rankings. Camille Schlegel from Oklahoma Christian has ascended to the number one spot, marking her as the top-ranked player. The second and third positions also welcome new faces; Haleigh Bonnell, a newcomer from Illinois State, has captured the number two spot. Meanwhile, Leah Don from Redeemer University has climbed seven places to secure the number three position. A particularly remarkable rise is observed with Reagan Mullins from Louisiana State, who has leaped 34 spots to break into the top ten, landing at the ninth position. Completing the top twenty, Sadie Desch has climbed nine spots to secure the twelfth position, while Ginny Heltsely, a newcomer, has taken the thirteenth spot.

For a more in depth look at the current standings refer to the graphic below!

Things are certainly ramping up as we approach the College Disc Golf National Championship! Look out for updates here and on our socials @Collegediscgolf!