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March Team Power Rankings

March 11, 2024 | By Riley Duvall

Hello everyone! Today we have a new set of team power rankings to go over for both the men and women’s divisions. Things are really tightening up as we approach April!

The 49’ers Continue to Strike Gold

To start things off UNC Charlotte and Emporia State have both stayed strong at the one and two positions. It took most of the season for them to settle into these spots but over the past few rankings, it seems they have held strong and look determined to maintain a grip on the top of our power rankings. Noticeable leaps have been seen from two teams in particular, Oklahoma Christian and Missouri. Oklahoma was able to claim a spot in the top ten and after climbing thirty total spots Missouri has claimed a spot in our top twenty!

For a more in depth look at the power rankings, check out the graphics below!

A New Leader

A new leader has prevailed in the women’s division! Emporia State has claimed the top spot on our power rankings. In addition to this Clemson has taken spot two after an impressive eight spot leap. Most of the rankings have stayed the same except for the obvious change. Missouri has fallen from the number one spot and has dropped twelve spots to find themselves at the 13’th spot. How will the back to back champs respond to this as they quickly approach the CDGNC?

For a more in depth look at the power rankings, check out the graphics below!

Spring is Coming…

The season’s end looms large and with it the College Disc Golf National Championship casts a towering shadow over the horizon. How will these teams respond to the tournament that lies ahead of them. Keep a vigilant eye here and on our socials @Collegediscgolf to find out!