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College Disc Golf 2023-24 Season Rule Changes

September 1, 2023 | By John Baker


The world of college disc golf is abuzz with excitement as a major announcement has sent shockwaves through the community. In an effort to elevate the competitiveness and create a more structured season, college disc golf conferences have decided to implement a new system for awarding bids to regionals. This development promises to bring even more intensity and anticipation to the upcoming season, setting the stage for an unforgettable journey for players, fans, and teams alike.

A More Competitive Landscape:

Traditionally, college disc golf teams have participated in a series of tournaments and matches throughout the season, accumulating points to qualify for the regional championships. While this system had its merits, it often left certain conferences at a disadvantage due to a limited number of available bids. The introduction of this new bid allocation process aims to level the playing field, ensuring that the most deserving teams have a fair chance to compete at the regional level.

Conferences as Gatekeepers:

Under the revised system, college disc golf conferences will now assume a pivotal role as gatekeepers for the regionals. Each conference will be allocated a certain number of bids based on various factors, such as the conference’s overall strength, historical performance, and the number of participating teams. These bids will be awarded to the highest-ranked teams within each conference, making the intra-conference battles all the more crucial and intense.

Increased Rivalries and Excitement:

The new bid allocation process is set to ignite fierce rivalries and heightened excitement within and between conferences. As teams vie for a limited number of bids, every tournament and match will take on a newfound significance. The competition will be fiercer than ever, as teams fight tooth and nail to secure their spots at the regional championships. Spectators can expect nail-biting finishes, epic comebacks, and intense displays of skill and determination.

A More Structured Season:

The implementation of bids to regionals will also bring a greater sense of structure to the college disc golf season. Teams will have a clearer path to follow, with the knowledge that their conference performance will play a crucial role in determining their regional fate. The bid allocation process will encourage teams to strategize, plan, and perform consistently throughout the season, further elevating the overall quality of college disc golf.

Promoting Growth and Visibility:

By introducing this bid system, college disc golf conferences aim to foster growth within their respective regions. The increased competitiveness and streamlined structure will undoubtedly attract more players to the sport, as it offers a clearer path to competing at higher levels. Additionally, the intensified rivalries and higher stakes will generate more interest and media coverage, showcasing the talents of college disc golfers to a wider audience.


The college disc golf community is eagerly anticipating the upcoming season, with the introduction of bid allocation to regionals promising an exhilarating and unforgettable experience. The new system will provide a fairer playing field, fuel rivalries, and add structure to the season, all while promoting growth and visibility for the sport. As teams gear up for the challenge, fans eagerly await the drama and excitement that awaits in each conference. Get ready for a season like no other, as college disc golf reaches new heights!