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Individual Player Power Rankings!

December 1, 2023 | By Riley Duvall

Greetings, everyone! We hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. As a delightful post-holiday treat, we’re excited to unveil the latest player rankings in both the men’s and women’s collegiate disc golf divisions. Get ready for a glimpse into the impressive performances shaping the competitive landscape!

In the men’s division, several players have maintained their stronghold on their current positions, with Ilkin Groh maintaining his dominance and securing the coveted number one spot. The remaining four members of the top five have also demonstrated consistent and impressive performances, successfully retaining their positions as well.

However, the spotlight shifts at the number six spot, where we witness a significant shake-up. Noah Johnson has made a remarkable leap, soaring up by an impressive 118 places. Another noteworthy ascent comes from Henry Bente, who has climbed thirteen spots, earning him the thirteenth rank. There has been a lot of movement so far this season, and as we head into the winter break, it will be interesting to see if anyone can disrupt the top 5 stronghold.

For a more in depth look at the current standings check out the graphic below!

This season, the women’s division is ablaze with excitement! Notable shifts define our top rankings. Lily Marr stakes her claim at number one, rising two positions. Hot on her heels coming out of nowhere, Camille Schlegel has surged an impressive 43 spots to secure the number two spot.

Completing the top five, Hope Brown and Genesis Beck have both risen two spots claiming the third and fourth positions. An unexpected contender has emerged in our rankings, Heather Wyatt, who makes her debut at number 5.

Outside of the top five, we’ve witnessed a collective ascent of 80 spots among the remaining 15 athletes. Additionally, three talented newcomers to the college disc golf scene have successfully secured positions within the top twenty!

For a more in depth look at the current women’s standings check out the graphic below!

As winter break approaches, we want to give a big shout out to all the athletes who have made this season great so far!  Players, take a chill break, enjoy the holidays, and get ready to smash it in the new year.

Big thanks to our awesome readers for rolling with us through the college disc golf thrills. Have a festive holiday season folks and get ready for some more epic college disc golf action in the new year!